The Sardine collection by Bordallo Pinheiro results from a collaboration between the Earthenware Factory of Caldas da Rainha, founded in 1884 by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, EGEAC (Lisbon’s Cultural and Animation municipal entity). And Lisbon’s City Council.

The original Bordallo Pinheiro’s Sardine, designed in the XIX century, due to its classic three-dimensional nature, became the ideal support for receiving the creative work that EGEAC develops since 2003, within Lisbon’s Festivities, which transformed the sardine, iconic fish of Portuguese culture and gastronomy, an international icon of the city and of Summer celebrations of the Portuguese capital.


Sardine - Toothpaste

Is the flavor that is in the mouth of everyone during the Festas de Lisboa and also pays homage to a traditional and beloved Portuguese product. Designer: Roger Hespanhol

Sardine - Pack Aéreo75

Designer: TAP

Sardine - Submarine in yellow

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ album “Yellow Submarine”, it is only fair to pay tribute to it, using our greatest icon, which is also yellow: the electric streetcar number 28. More and more a symbol of how Lisbon has become a world city. Only these two made me like yellow! Designer: Alexandra Mendes

Sardine - Fado Singer

Carminho creates a sardine inspired by her family history and culture. A curation of Fado women who were present in her training, but also some of the most relevant in Fado history. These are ten women who have already left but who have left behind an incalculable legacy and cultural heritage. Front: Hermínia Silva, Berta Cardoso, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Lucília do Carmo, Amália Rodrigues Back: Celeste Rodrigues, Argentina Santos, Maria José da Guia, Beatriz da Conceição, Ana Rosmaninho Designer: Carminho

Sardine - The first day of the end of confinement

The winning illustration of a Bordallo Pinheiro leisure campaign during the quarantine period has now been converted into a member of the “Sardine by Bordallo Pinheiro” family. All proceeds from its sale will revert to the SNS (Portuguese healthcare system), by purchasing the most essential equipment. A contribution from the brand to the well-being of all, in this difficult phase we are currently living through. Designer: Andreia Baltazar

Sardine - Chant

The most traditional streets of Lisbon are home to the typical songs of nostalgia, disaffection and destiny. From Alfama to Mouraria, from Madragoa to Graça, Fado is felt in the voice of professionals or amateurs, but always, always with the same Portuguese soul. This sardine also wanted to take the microphone, and be known as Camané. Designer: Camané

Sardine - Biba

The little blue one, so desirable, that one day swallows the fishing boat and the seagulls that hunt it. The sea, the wall of this blue fish. Designer: Ana Mesquita

Sardine - Rowing

Like the sardine, we should be in schools, because we are stronger together,” says César Mourão. The actor and the illustrator Gião designed, produced and embarked (literally) on this sardine, rowing to get it moving and to take it to its destination: the public. Designer: Cesar Mourão

Sardine - Crossroad

A new phenomenon has taken place at Entroncamento, this time from the water world! A sardine was mysteriously seen running on the train tracks of this town of crossroads. Its origin is not yet known, but it is thought that its fantastic and ingenious appearance is due to the influence of the trains that it saw passing when bathing in the waters of the Tagus. They're out there... Designer: Ana Sofia Gonçalves

Sardine - Sneaker

The snicker walks and dances through the streets of Lisbon, but also warns the world of the environmental impact of various industries. The transformation of the sardine into a shoe represents the destruction of nature by man's influence. So that we don't end up eating our own shoes, let's help the sardine and spread the message. Designer: Cesar Bettencourt

Sardine - Miss Chintz

Winner of the acclaimed Lisbon contest “Chintz Dress" (being the only candidate in the contest), the graceful, garish Lisboeta sardine features a model inspired in the 50's, in Pombaline chintz, set off by an English embroidery ribbon. And as the Fado says: “There goes fancy/ Everyday more beautiful/ And her chintz dress/ Always has a Sunday look”. Reminds us of Raquel Tavares, doesn't it? Designer: Raquel Tavares

Sardine - World

There's a world full of species in the ocean, one of them being the sardine. And what a beautiful specimen it is. Combining drawing, poetry and environmental awareness, this creation pays homage to the ocean, the harmony of life at sea, and the character of the sardine, showing how it would be at the peak of its life, dancing freely through the seas. Designer: Margarida Moreira

Sardine - Natali (Lisbon's Pastel de Nata)

The sweetest little Lisboeta of all has a secret that's well kept. The one of the thin and crispy dough and the one of the velvety cream, perfumed with cinnamon to taste. Daughter of the Nata and of Lisbon, we introduce you to “Natali”: the crème de la crème of Lisbon. Designer: António Antunes

Sardine - Sailboat

This Sardine mounted masts and sails and decided to go even further and with more steam, like the Portuguese ship “Sagres”! The sea is her vocation, but the house that welcomes her is her destiny. Designer: Salvatore Seidita

Sardine - Saint António Variações

This sardine wanted to “change its life” and dress up as the man who said “I'm going to be a singer” and who became much more than that. It left at the crack of dawn of Saint António and became Saint António das Variações on its own. With his barber's scissors, the slippers for going out into the street and Saint Teresinha to protect him from harm, he sang... “Adeus que me vou embora” [“Goodbye I'm going away”], taken to the heavens by the limelight. Designer: Ricardo Almeida

Sardine - Dakota

My name is Douglas DC-3, but I prefer to be called Dakota. I'm a classic of aviation, twin-engine, propeller driven. I was a pioneer at TAP and from the 1940s I connected Lisbon to Angola and Mozambique transporting passengers in comfort and safety. I am currently in the Air Museum. In the form of a sardine, I now honor the 75 years of the Portuguese airlines. Congratulations! Designer: TAP

Sardine - Aerial

Happy and adventurous, since she was a little girl she dreamed of seeing the world. She was told, “You always have your head in the clouds,” but she knew what she wanted. Today, she flies to several continents, welcoming passengers from all over the world with a smile on her lips: “Welcome on board!” This sardine pays homage to all professionals in civil aviation and also to 75 years of TAP. Congratulations! Designer: TAP

Sardine - The Great Opening!

This sardine that is always partying, as its name indicates, invokes special and fun occasions that merge with the spirit of the celebrations in Lisbon. Surrealistic in nature, it is dressed in mahogany wood and wears a metal mask. It is known for being a great wine lover, which makes it a must at any Portuguese table. Designer: Carla Freire

Sardine - Patchwork

Different scraps of cloth have been brought together, in the best “patchwork” style and, after a careful transformation at Bordallo Pinheiro; they have been turned into a ceramic quilted-sardine, ready to decorate and to make any corner of your home a bit more cozy. Designer: Ana Araújo

Sardine - Amália Forever (1920-2020)

All that matters is feeling Fado. Because Fado doesn't sing, it happens. Fado feels, it doesn't understand, it doesn't explain. 2020 marks 100 years since the birth of the greatest figure in Portuguese Fado, and one of the greatest voices the world has ever known. And what a voice! Congratulations Amália! Designer: Ana Gomes

Sardine - Cinema 125

Now here's a real movie star! In this year when the 125th anniversary of the first session of that filmmaker in Paris is being celebrated, this most famous sardine evokes the magic that celluloid film lets project. Cinema is celebrated with icons, with popcorn and with Hollywood. Designer: Mário Augusto