Categories of subcontracting companies Purposes of processing personal data
Shared services companies Provision of services for administrative and financial management and information systems of Grupo Vista Alegre
Companies providing licensing, maintenance, support and technical assistance for software and systems Management / maintenance / support of systems and software that support Grupo Vista Alegre’s business
Companies processing payment services, EDI services and electronic billing, accounting, tax and administrative management and support software Economic and accounting management of customer, supplier and service provider billing
Logistical support companies / Carriers Delivery service for products purchased by customers
Commercial Promoters Promotion / Sales of Grupo Vista Alegre services
Direct marketing support companies / digital marketing partners Help in managing e-mail marketing, performance analysis, user profile analysis and impact and dissemination of advertising
Companies that evaluate customer satisfaction Sending customer evaluation questionnaires
Security / surveillance companies and security systems preventive and corrective maintenance companies Video surveillance and surveillance for the security of people and property
Customer service companies Customer care and contact services
Categories of recipients Purposes of processing personal data
Temporary employment agencies Temporary assignment of employees
Companies to whom the operation of a store in the premises of the Grupo Vista Alegre is granted Additional and support services provided to customers
Insurance companies Parcel insurance
Social networks Marketing campaigns
Consultants and lawyers Provision of consultancy and legal services
Miscellaneous companies for additional services requested by customers For example: Tax-free services;
Processing Activity Processing Purposes Grounds for Lawfulness
Contractual Relationship Management Reservation of products and associated services (customized services) Pre-contractual due diligence or execution of the contract
    Legitimate interest if the subject is not party to the contract
  Recording electronic communications by web chat within the contractual relationship Consent
  Recording calls within the contractual relationship Consent
  Recording calls for monitoring quality of service Consent
  Voucher purchase Contract execution
  Satisfaction questionnaire Legitimate Interest (improvement of service provided)
Commercial Activity and Marketing General profile analysis Legitimate interest (better customer service)
  Sending commercial communications Consent
    Legitimate Interest (meeting the customer’s expectation to receive personalized offers)
Commercial Activity and Display of Ads on social media Display of advertisements on social media pages of customers of Grupo Vista Alegre companies Legitimate interest
  Participation in campaigns and contests on social media Consent
Compliance with legal obligations Billing Legal obligation
  Communications Legal obligation
Loyalty program management Loyalty program subscription and management Contract execution
  Sending program communications Contract execution
Video surveillance systems Collection of CCTV system images Legitimate interest (safety of people and goods)
Website browsing and profile analysis Analysis of user profiles Consent
  Analysis of user conversions Consent
  Website implementation and development Legitimate interest (improvement of service provision)