Based on the pumpkin terrine, one of Bordallo Pinheiro's most iconic decorations, a table line and serving articles were developed, which replicate with great vivacity an ex libris of world cuisine.

Functionally the pieces of this collection of tableware are very transversal, offering dishes, bowls, bowls, salad bowls and pitcher. Ideal for mix and match with other iconic collections of the brand, such as cabbage or tomato.

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Pumpkin - Tureen 1,5L


Pumpkin - Tureen 4,3L


Pumpkin - Pasta Plate 26


Pumpkin - Bowl 16


Pumpkin - Platter 40


Pumpkin - Pasta Bowl 33


Pumpkin - Dinner Plate 27,5


Pumpkin - Dessert Plate 22