Strawberries - Pitcher


Fantasy - Pitcher 1,5L Sandy Grey


Pitchers - Pitcher Dog


Pitchers - Pitcher Fox


Snowflakes - Pitcher Red


Rua Nova - Pitcher White Antique


Rua Nova - Pitcher Nuance Pink


Pitchers - Pitcher Cat

The cat jug expresses a haughtiness and elegance of great dimension, enriched by the diversity of tones and the pattern of stripes that run throughout its body.

Pitchers - Pitcher Dog “Perdigueiro”

Meanwhile the canine jug, with its distinctive muscular structure, sagging skin, and different tonalities, reveals the expression of a sweet, gentle dog that has great poise and alertness but also a sense of fragility and affability.

Fantasy - Pitcher 1,5L Red


Pitchers - Pitcher Squirrel


Pitchers - Pitcher Grapes