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Choose your favorite Sardines from the 9 that will be discontinued... and make them head for your home!

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Sardine - Taxi

A regular presence on the streets of big cities, the Taxi sardine is always ready to drive us to our destination. With different shapes and colors all over the world, here we made it black and green. And if the green light is on, just stretch out your arm for one more ride. Designer: Ana Sofia Gonçalves

Sardine - Vinyl

A good party has to have food and music. And that's how, by joining the two, the Vinyl Sardine emerged. With a "B side", that refers to Bordallo, and an "A side". It also has BP Records tattooed, initials that obviously refer to the Bordallo Pinheiro label. Designer: Fabio Queiroz

Sardine - I’m on Fire

Careful picking up this sardine: it's piping hot and ready to serve! For the epicure or those who actually prefer a sardine on bread while marching on the Popular Parade, it's a fine accompaniment to any festivity. And that's how Lisbon marches on, looking after herself. Popular, like canned sardines. But really fresh! Designer: Ana Carvalho

Sardine - Miss Chintz

Winner of the acclaimed Lisbon contest “Chintz Dress" (being the only candidate in the contest), the graceful, garish Lisboeta sardine features a model inspired in the 50's, in Pombaline chintz, set off by an English embroidery ribbon. And as the Fado says: “There goes fancy/ Everyday more beautiful/ And her chintz dress/ Always has a Sunday look”. Reminds us of Raquel Tavares, doesn't it? Designer: Raquel Tavares

Sardine - Eco 2D

Sorry I had to be the one to break the news, but it was never the storks that brought babies home. Deal with it. Designer: Nilton

Sardine - Comedy

If she is queen at the table, let an ovation for the sardine come out. Designer: Eduardo Madeira