Christmas Gifts

Garden of Insects - Set 3 Vases Flying Insects


Pitchers - Pitcher Grapes


Orange - Pitcher


Rua Nova - Fruit Plate 22 Nuance Pink


Rua Nova - Cheese Tray Nuance Pink


Strawberries - Pitcher


Sardine Made by You

Integrated in the collection "Sardinha by Bordallo", we present the "Sardinha Made by You".
A set including a white sardine and 6 ceramic markers, allows you to personalize your sardine, and at the same time in a simplified form, lets you experience the process of creating ceramics, in your home.

Instructions for use are on the packaging: 1st Clean the sardine with rubbing alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol), 2nd Using the ceramic markers, decorate your sardine, 3rd Let dry for 15 minutes, 4th Bake the sardines for 25 minutes at 160°C.

Let your imagination your guide and create your unique sardine, or enjoy giving the gift a personalized piece to whomever you wish to most.

Tomato - Box 6,5


Tomato - Aperitifs Plate 38


Artichoke - Box 17


Artichoke - Box 25 White


Artichoke - Salad Bowl 32,5


Artichoke - Salad Bowl 32,5 White


Swallow - Swallow 20

In 1896, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro registers the patent of its ceramic swallows probably realizing that it could become a true Portuguese symbol. He wasn’t wrong, the artist’s flights of swallows started inhabiting houses, in Portugal and in several countries where Portuguese people lived (easy to identify by the swallows).

Mushroom - Box 17,5


Mushroom - Box 27


Christmas Garland - Low Candy Box


Cabbage - Cake Stand 31 Natural


Cabbage - Cheese Tray Natural


Cabbage - Tureen 0,4L Natural


Fantasy - Pitcher 1,5L Sandy Grey