Black Friday

Fantasy - Charger Plate 34 Red


Tropical - Salad Bowl 27


Fantasy - Pasta Bowl 35 Pink


Banana da Madeira - Aperitifs Bowl 26

Developed in partnership with Nini Andrade Silva

Fish and Shellfish - Striped red Mullet

The striped red mullet is a small reddish fish. It can be found in the northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean, where it dwells at the bottom of the sea, up to 100 meters deep. This species forms shoals and feeds on crustaceans, small molluscs and fish. It reproduces from late winter to early summer. Juvenile striped red mullets live closer to the surface, only moving to deeper waters once they’ve matured into adulthood. Their two chin barbels contain chemosensory organs and are used to probe the sand for food.

Fantasy - Pasta Bowl 35 Blue


Tropical - Tea Cup and Saucer Red Ginger


Parody - Mug 0,5L Blue


Rua Nova - Tea Cup and Saucer Morning Blue


Rua Nova - Cake Stand 28 Anthracite


Parody - Dessert Plate 22 Green


Parody - Dinner Plate 29 Grey