This collection is the result of a collaboration between Bordallo Pinheiro and the Brazilian NGO Ecoarts Amazônia in the preservation of an environmental, cultural, social and scientific heritage crucial to mankind's future. Each piece was inspired from the very rich local flora and was only possible thanks to intense knowledge sharing with those who live their daily lives in this vibrant mosaic of ecosystems, traditions, colours, sounds and smells that is the Amazon rainforest. Part of the collection's proceeds will go the reforestation of the Amazon area of Mato Grosso, by planting indigenous fruit trees in cities, rural areas and indigenous villages of the region where Ecoarts Amazônia operates.

Award winning collection with a European Product Design Award - Gold Prize Winner and a German Design Award 2020.

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Amazōnia - Box 30


Amazōnia - Bowl 16,5 Yellow


Amazōnia - Charger Plate 34


Amazōnia - Bowl 16,5 Red


Amazōnia - Bowl 16,5 Green


Amazōnia - Toucan


Amazōnia - Cake Stand with Macaw