Vera Valentim

She was born in Lisbon and she got a  degree in Visual Design at IADE. She has worked in branding, graphic and digital design. She is creative and passionate about  Lisbon, and she  already organized an exhibition of photographic records of the city. She cannot say no to a ginginha, hear a Fado or dancing in San Antonio.

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Sardine - Tóni

Tóni is a Sardine prone to gallantry, born as a tribute to the Lisbon hustler. A raunchy pushy sort, with a loud mouth and fire in his belly, Tón i makes a living out of odd jobs. Up one street, down an alleyway, he walks nimble, with a watchful thirsty eye, while distributing flirts to the girls that pass by – “Eh carapau” “hey mackerel!” Designer: Vera Valentim