Sofia Fischer

She was born in 1987 two days before Christmas, a fact which she still tries to forgive their parents. She is a communication designer, and she got a degree from the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa , and in 2012 she completed a post graduate degree in children's book (Universidade Católica). She lives in Lisbon with a cat and a human (in this order) and every day she sees the Castle of S. Jorge by the window.

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Sardine - Tagus

The Tagus Sardine has the best view of Lisbon. From the river she sees the people, the roofs and the Castle; she sees the bridge and the boats, and the departures and returns that make the city live. She is a lucky Sardine – and, as Amália used to say, She has water, she knows how to swim / I wish I were a sardine. Designer: Sofia Fischer