Rui Fazenda

Born in Lisbon, he is an illustrator, a comics author, a teacher and a street artist.

Working with the mainstream Portuguese writing press, mainly Expresso, Sol, Público and Time Out, he also teaches illustration and comic workshops in Ar.Co school, including political cartoon.

Recently, he presented the first erotic comics workshop in Portugal.

He was awarded with El Corte Inglès 2010 and is on the jury at the ICA - Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, as well as at various animation films and illustration festivals.

Especially worthy of highlighting are his books "Tudo isto é Fado" and "Filosofia de Ponta".

As for his illustration work, one should not overlook the image of Festas de Lisboa promoted by EGEAC in 2015 and 2016

Sardine - Warm and Good

Inspired by the street vendors of the popular roasted chestnuts, this sardine, still sizzling, is made of tradition, filled with flavour and taste for what is ours.

Sardine - Beer Salesman

The St. Anthony is synonymous with flooding in our most typical quarters and everything is done to keep the night lively and raise a little cash! A crate, a lot of ice, fresh beers and follow the party!