Ana Miranda

She was born in Carvoeiro, the 21st November, 1987, and lived there until she completed the Secondary Education. She began her academic career in Canterbury, England, where she completes a pre-university year in Arts, but decided to continue her training in Portugal. In 2009 she graduated in Graphic Design from the Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha. She lived in Lisbon, Évora and, more recently, Bordeaux, where she completed an internship under the program Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Sardine - Emigrant

This Sardine was born from predominant topics in the news, such as the economic crisis and emigration. An analogy with airmail envelopes and messages that emigrants use to send to their families. The image on the back is from the transport network of Bordeaux, where I hoped that had the chance to stay and pursue my career. Designer: Ana Miranda