Ricardo Almeida

As a child he wanted to be a cartoonist/humourist/ newspaper columnist (aka professional artist).
In a big way, he ends up becoming a professional imaginator (aka advertising).
A strategy to have a profession where he could create constantly and one day, who knows, become the artist written in ambition. So it's no wonder that today he is a creative strategist.
When at the end of high school he decided to become an advertiser (after wanting to be an engineer, designer, stylist, actor... etc.) he thought: at 40 I will become an artist. A few months away from 37, who knows, he is no further from completing this long strategic plan...

Sardine - Saint António Variações

This sardine wanted to “change its life” and dress up as the man who said “I'm going to be a singer” and who became much more than that. It left at the crack of dawn of Saint António and became Saint António das Variações on its own. With his barber's scissors, the slippers for going out into the street and Saint Teresinha to protect him from harm, he sang... “Adeus que me vou embora” [“Goodbye I'm going away”], taken to the heavens by the limelight. Designer: Ricardo Almeida