José Feitor

Born in Coimbra in 1972 this freelance illustrator has published work in newspapers, fanzines, textbooks, album covers and many other printed media. He is connected to movements for the boosting of independent graphical publication. He teaches in the area of illustration, comic strips, stencil, linocut and screen printing at various training entities. He founded and manages the independent micro publishing company Imprensa Canalha.

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Sardine - Purring

This sardine tells a story of love and greed among animals. The sardine usually ends up in the cat’s mouth, who in the end licks his paws in the sun. In this version, the cat seems to have been swallowed by the sardine, an inversion of the natural order of things. But when one looks more closely, one sees the natural order of things restored, one just has to pay attention to their expression. Designer: José Feitor