Gregorio Duvivier

Gregorio Duvivier is a Brazilian comedian, born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1986. He created, together with some friends, the Porta dos Fundos channel, a platform with enormous success in Brazil and abroad, which spotlighted several new talent actors within the Portuguese speaking humor scenario.

Sardine - Freckles

In the Portuguese language, sardines live in the sea, but also on one’s face (as the word also means freckles in Portuguese). There are those who have a school of sardines on their cheekbones. In Brazil, one can eat anything, especially one another. Cannibalism is an ancient tradition, existing before and after the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese. Devour yourself, said Socrates, the football player. We like sardines and apples, especially with potatoes (which is what we also call the calf of the human leg).