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The designer Isabela Capeto graduated from the Accademia di Moda in Florence. She worked with some of the most important Brazilian brands until she opened her own store in 2003. From a small workshop in Rio de Janeiro, she went to a store in one of the most charming parts of the city and broke boundaries, taking her clothes over fifty countries, including Barneys and Macy’s, in the United States, Browns, in England, Colette and Le Bon Marché, in France; Saks and Harveys Nichols, in the Arab emirates. In 2008, Isabela Capeto was part of the “Neotropicália” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, with an embroidery panel. A collection which was exhibited at the Museu de Arte Moderna in São Paulo, where Isabela presented a mosaic with 296 photos of women wearing her clothes. A journey, a landscape, a book or simply a person can serve as inspiration for collections, which do not require the trends of world fashion. Plenty of embroidery, fabric reuse, dyeing tricks and applications make her work a distinctive brand that has the face of Brazil.

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