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Ana Bacalhau

Was born in Lisbon in 1978. She grew up in Benfica, where she began taking guitar lessons at the age of 15. She discovered her voice at that time, but only later would she found her first band. Before that, she studied Modern Languages and Literatures, Portuguese/English, at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, where she met Gonçalo Tocha and Dídio Pestana, musicians with whom she founded the band Lupanar. Later, the double bassist Zé Pedro Leitão would join the group, who she would marry in 2008. She played in a jazz trio for 2 years and founded Deolinda in 2006, together with Pedro da Silva Martins, Luís José Martins and Zé Pedro Leitão. With Deolinda, she would come to realize the dream of making a living from music and travelling the world taking the sounds of the band to numerous countries. Since 2017, with the break-up of the band, she has been dedicating herself to her solo career, recording 2 albums.

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