Cesar Mourão

César Mourão - Comedian, actor, improviser, TV presenter, sometimes also singer.
He is considered the leading figure in improvisation in Portugal and one of the most cherished artists who, for almost two decades, has been making huge audiences laugh.

Gião - As an architect, and with a special interest in drawing and illustration, he adds several experiences abroad, constantly accompanied by a travel book. He lives and works in Porto, where he divides his time between drawing and architecture. He had some of his works exhibited at the gallery Arte em Acção in Porto, Apicius in Lisbon and ShairArt in Braga.

Sardine - Rowing

Like the sardine, we should be in schools, because we are stronger together,” says César Mourão. The actor and the illustrator Gião designed, produced and embarked (literally) on this sardine, rowing to get it moving and to take it to its destination: the public. Designer: Cesar Mourão