Ana Gil e António Caetano

Ana was born in Lisbon (1980), has a degree in Advertising at IADE and works as Creative and Graphic Designer in the Municipality of Sines. She develops editorial and corporate projects.

António was born in Sines (1968), studied at the António Arroio School and graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Évora. He is a creative and Graphic Designer in the Municipality of Sines.
He has participated in several exhibitions of painting and drawing and performed many works of sculpture, set design and illustration.

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Sardine - Saint Anthony

Patron symbol of Lisbon, St. Anthony brings in the lap the Child Jesus and bless marriages. Offers to the city a traditional party without rival, in which joy is adorned with sweet basil and the greatest figure is His Highness Dona Sardinha. Designer: Ana Gil e António Caetanio