Marlena Pohle

Cartoonist and illustrator Marlena Pohle was born in Buenos Aires. Having lived in Germany for more than 20 years, she has called the Argentinian city of Funes home since 2015. She creates works for foreign language books, has participated in cartoon festivals and international competitions (both as a contestant and as a jury member) and she exhibits under her own name in Europe, Asia and South America.

She has been actively collaborating with the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations (FECO) since 1997.

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Sardine - On Party

During the Sardine Festivities in Portugal, everyone goes to the street, and in every corner there’s a music band while sardines are cooked. The entire neighbourhood is full of sounds, joy and smoke smelling of cooked fish. Some sardines also want to celebrate, drink a glass of wine from the Alentejo Region and dance, no matter what will be their final destiny. Designer: Marlena Pohle