WWB - WorldWide Bordallianos

WWB - WorldWide Bordallianos follows the collections 7 Bordallianos from Portugal and 20 BB - Bordallianos do Brasil.

In this project, national and international names linked to the creative areas of visual arts, design and fashion will have the opportunity to reinterpret Bordallo in the light of their own art and their own creative process.

WWB - WorldWide Bordallianos - Quimera


WWB - WorldWide Bordallianos - Dora

The sculpture Dora was inspired by a news story from 2019 about a polar bear in the Ukraine found rummaging through rubbish. This cruel portrait of the consequences of the environmental crisis is represented here by the traditional ceramic wolf of Bordallo Pinheiro which, in a similar situation to the news, feeds on unsuitable refuse, such as toothbrushes, medicine containers and chains.