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Trail of Snails - Vase


Sardine - Very Typical Madonna

Madonna, always young, so girlie, the queen of pop, and always in Vogue. Global stardom was not enough for her, and that’s why now queen of Lisbon and of the smokiest sardines. Madonna is a top sardine, irreverent, sexy, sparkling, and she is now part of Portugal and what this country has to offer the world. Madonna or a good sardine – why not both in one? Designer: Ana Gomes

Garden of Insects - Vase Dragonfly


Garden of Insects - Vase Lizard


Garden of Insects - Set 3 Vases Flying Insects


Garden of Insects - Vase Frog


Leaves - Banana Leaf 26,5 Green


Leaves - Banana Leaf 39 White


Leaves - Banana Leaf 50 Green


Cheese Trays - White Cheese Tray with Yellow Cheese