Instructions for use

• Microwave resistant - All products can go in the microwave for the heating function, except those containing wooden and metal fittings, never microwaving them empty. Always use a potholder or oven mitt when removing earthenware items from the microwave.

• Dishwasher resistant - These products are dishwasher safe, however products should not be left in the dishwasher after the washing program has been completed.

• Resistance in conventional oven - Not recommended for use.

• Resistance to thermal shock - Bordallo Pinheiro products are not resistant to abrupt thermal shock.


Decorative Items
Decorative use only. All decorative pieces must not come into contact with food.
The “craquelé” effect is a natural characteristic of the product, a result of time and use. Recommendations for use:
• Store pieces in a dry place;
• Do not leave pieces immersed in water for long periods;
• Do not subject the pieces to sudden changes in temperature, especially wide temperature ranges. Hot parts may crack if placed on very cold wet surfaces or handled with wet cloths;
• Avoid leaving items in the dishwasher after the washing program is over to prevent the surface from being attacked by the vapor generated.