Inspired by the tropical universe and surrounding flora, the new Tropical collection oozes exuberance and liveliness.

The iris, the bird of paradise, the torch ginger and the red ginger, hand painted on high-reliefs in vibrant reds and oranges, contrast with the background of vegetation silhouettes.

The flowers seem to come to life as their stems unexpectedly come loose from the surface of the pieces, thus creating graceful wings.

On one hand the classical naturalism is reflected in the illustration of the flowers, and on the other hand, contemporaneity is present in the backgrounds, on the organicity of the edges, the elegance of the shapes and consequently on the aesthetic approach.

Tropical - Charger Plate 34,5


Tropical - Dinner Plate 28,5


Tropical - Dessert Plate Bird of Paradise 22,5


Tropical - Dessert Plate Iris 22,5


Tropical - Dessert Plate Red Ginger 22,5


Tropical - Dessert Plate Torch Ginger 22,5


Tropical - Bowl 15,5


Tropical - Salad Bowl 27


Tropical - Mug


Tropical - Pitcher 2L


Tropical - Cake Stand 34,5


Tropical - Tea Cup and Saucer Bird of Paradise