The Big Shots

Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro is one of the greatest names, if not the greatest, in the tradition of humoristic drawing in Portugal and Brazil.

In his multiple participations in newspapers and magazines, including O Mosquito, Psit!!!, A Lanterna Mágica and A Paródia, were created caricatures - many of which were later on immortalized in stoneware by its creator - which redefined this genre, shaking consciences with a new mischief and irreverence.

This legacy is rediscovered by the collection Os Figurões (The Hot Shots), created from the cartoonist António’s drawings: these are pieces which create a fun balance between satire and admiration, manufactured and painted entirely by hand, based on original drawings of one of the largest Portuguese cartoonists. These pieces were created by the intellect and the spirit of scathing remark, featuring the best comedians, paying homage to Bordallo Pinheiro.

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The Big Shots - The Big Shot Francisco

Good-natured and with an easy joke, the Figurão Francisco took the name of the poor and righteous.

He is the striker with a new message, but he must also play defence of his positions.

Many people don’t like new things.

The Big Shots - The Big Shot Merkel

Dressed in an austere European standard dress, this Figurão firmly holds an imperial eagle, ready to fly over the interests of the Union.

Worried posture, curious eyes, the Figurão Merkel seems to know something we would all like to know.

The Big Shots - The Big Shot Soares

These cheeks met many springs.

They underwent revolutions, coups, governments; bad times, good times and times ... well ...

He will always remind us of April and for that alone he deserves our tribute, the Figurão Soares.

The Big Shots - The Big Shot Eusébio

On the wings of a panther Portugal flew higher.

This rare fact started with his feet on the ground and flew over the lawns and opponents towards many achievements.

As if by magic, the ball ran towards the Figurão Eusébio almost as much as he ran towards the ball.

The Big Shots - Big Shot Mick Jagger

When the world as we know it ceases to exist and gives way to the new ice age, we can count on at least one good thing. Mick Jagger will still be hanging around, wildly shaking his hips on top of some glacier. From his mouth, which is larger than life, the hits that took the world by storm will still be heard, and to the sound of the Stones, a new world will be born again. “It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll”, but it makes all the difference. If everything around us is energy, then one thing is for certain: Jagger will be a neverending source of it.

The Big Shots - Big Shot Fernando Pessoa

Legs are needed so badly, for life runs on and unfolds, and the best way to live life, Fernando, is to feel everything it gives excessively. We lost you to the constant yearning to make the most of life and got instead an immortal poet. It is not a fair trade, yet genius is not a matter of choice, so live like you were another and write on into infinity. Put what you are in the smallest of what you do. Suffering life is not easy and poetry is not for the weak. Legs are needed to carry the weight of your daunting reality. And you, Fernando, need to have lots of them.

The Big Shots - Big Shot Amália Rodrigues

Were our country to have a last name, it most certainly would be Amália. Never before and never again, will the sorrows (and some joy too, of course) be vocalized so truly. And if fado is the sound of Portugal, Amália is its flag. No panthenon could ever by large enough to house her genius and mystery. That’s why we suggestbuilding another one just for her with all the windows of Lisbon. There, overlooking the Tagus river, she’ll be given a proper homage.