Spring Decorations

Banana da Madeira - Centrepiece 40,5

Developed in partnership with Nini Andrade Silva

Banana da Madeira - Centrepiece 48

Developed in partnership with Nini Andrade Silva

Cloudy Butterflies - Box 25


Cloudy Butterflies - Wall Piece 29


Cloudy Butterflies - Wall Piece 49


Cloudy Butterflies - Vase 40


Swallow - Swallow of Diversity

We know as well as anyone the importance of acceptance and inclusiveness. So openness to others means to reflect our experience and authenticity. Races, languages, creeds, sexual orientations and gender identities make up our culture. And to represent it, as well as our curious and friendly character, the Andorinha da Diversidade [Swallow of Diversity] was born, inspired by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro's original model (and spirit!). Make way because she is here to stay.

Spring - Plate 44,5


Cloudy Butterflies - Box 12


Cloudy Butterflies - Wall Piece 12


Cloudy Butterflies - Vase 24