Spring Decorations

Garden of Insects - Vase Dragonfly


Cloudy Butterflies - Vase 40


Maria Flor - Tart Tray


Pitchers - Vase with Lizzard

A piece by Manuel Gustavo Bordallo Pinheiro, who continued his father’s, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, work, using a lizard as a naturalist element in a more stylized decoration.

Swallow - Swallow 12

In 1896, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro registers the patent of its ceramic swallows probably realizing that it could become a true Portuguese symbol. He wasn’t wrong, the artist’s flights of swallows started inhabiting houses, in Portugal and in several countries where Portuguese people lived (easy to identify by the swallows).

Cloudy Butterflies - Box 25


Cloudy Butterflies - Vide Poche


Maria Flor - Charger Plate 37


Spring - Large Pot 63cm Spring


Garden of Insects - Vase Lizard


Cloudy Butterflies - Box 12


Banana da Madeira - Centrepiece 38

Developed in partnership with Nini Andrade Silva