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Sardine - Childhood Flavors

The combination of two flavors immediately associated with Portugal. One of them is the sardine (present in multiple national festivities, such as those honoring Popular Saints) and another iconic flavor: that of childhood chocolates, bought in corner shops and displayed in punch hole boxes. Designer: Maria Beatriz Soares

Sardine - Radio

This sardine wished to pay homage to the old school “battery radio”, so typical of Lisbon's neighborhoods, where through the windows one could hear, on a short-wave radio, the radio soap opera, Fado and football reports, which gave so many joys and sorrows to the people who listened to them. You did it! Designer: Luís Barata

Sardine - Amália Forever (1920-2020)

All that matters is feeling Fado. Because Fado doesn't sing, it happens. Fado feels, it doesn't understand, it doesn't explain. 2020 marks 100 years since the birth of the greatest figure in Portuguese Fado, and one of the greatest voices the world has ever known. And what a voice! Congratulations Amália! Designer: Ana Gomes

Sardine - Just one more

Let's go, people! One more ride on the Sardine Carousel! This represents the essence of the fun of countless hours spent at fairs and on carousels, these unique and outlandish machines that have the particularity of turning even the grumpiest of adults into cheeky and lively children. Designer: Daniel Souto

Sardine - Dakota

My name is Douglas DC-3, but I prefer to be called Dakota. I'm a classic of aviation, twin-engine, propeller driven. I was a pioneer at TAP and from the 1940s I connected Lisbon to Angola and Mozambique transporting passengers in comfort and safety. I am currently in the Air Museum. In the form of a sardine, I now honor the 75 years of the Portuguese airlines. Congratulations! Designer: TAP

Sardine - Varina's Basket

In the time when fishmongers sold what they carried in their baskets, surely everything was valued and in sustainable quantities. The product was always covered with a beautiful cloth of Portuguese embroidery! Long live local tradition! Designer: Raquel Marto

Sardine - World

There's a world full of species in the ocean, one of them being the sardine. And what a beautiful specimen it is. Combining drawing, poetry and environmental awareness, this creation pays homage to the ocean, the harmony of life at sea, and the character of the sardine, showing how it would be at the peak of its life, dancing freely through the seas. Designer: Margarida Moreira

Sardine - Miss Chintz

Winner of the acclaimed Lisbon contest “Chintz Dress" (being the only candidate in the contest), the graceful, garish Lisboeta sardine features a model inspired in the 50's, in Pombaline chintz, set off by an English embroidery ribbon. And as the Fado says: “There goes fancy/ Everyday more beautiful/ And her chintz dress/ Always has a Sunday look”. Reminds us of Raquel Tavares, doesn't it? Designer: Raquel Tavares

Sardine - Submarine in yellow

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ album “Yellow Submarine”, it is only fair to pay tribute to it, using our greatest icon, which is also yellow: the electric streetcar number 28. More and more a symbol of how Lisbon has become a world city. Only these two made me like yellow! Designer: Alexandra Mendes

Sardine - Eco 2D

Sorry I had to be the one to break the news, but it was never the storks that brought babies home. Deal with it. Designer: Nilton

Sardine - Saudade

This one is for hard times. Crossing oceans in the form of affection. Even when all roads seem torturous. Find in it a long sigh of love! Designer: Rita Wainer

Sardine - Pili

Pili was Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro’s cat, who like her companion Pires, used to live in the old factory grounds. An enchanting place in Caldas da Rainha. She lived happily with the affection of Master Bordallo, amidst gardens decorated with tiles and other faïences. Designer: Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro

Sardine - Clérigos

The Clérigos tower, the most beautiful and tallest bell tower, is one of the ex-libris of the city of Porto. From the top of its 75 meters, after an athletic climb of 225 steps, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the city. Designer: Ana Sofia Gonçalves

Sardine - Comedy

If she is queen at the table, let an ovation for the sardine come out. Designer: Eduardo Madeira

Sardine - Sardabisco

“Sardabisco”, or sketchy sardine, is the mix of a sardine and a sketch. Designer: Nuno Markl

Sardine - Pack Pili e Virgínia

Pili was Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro’s cat, who like her companion Pires, used to live in the old factory grounds. An enchanting place in Caldas da Rainha. She lived happily with the affection of Master Bordallo, amidst gardens decorated with tiles and other faïences. Virgínia vivia feliz, treinando saltos cada vez maiores no lago do jardim da Fábrica. Por vezes aventurava-se e ia para o lago gigante do Parque D. Carlos I, que ficava perto. O Mestre gostava tanto de trabalhar ao som do seu coaxar, que a identificou como a personagem da fábula de Esopo. Identificou-lhe o companheiro, o Paulo, e materializou-os em cerâmica num grupo escultórico gigante. Designer: Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro

Sardine - A Gallop

In an irregular beat of the heart, like a two-step dance, life is always a choice. Who has never lived in the future or wanted to run fast back into the past? Meanwhile, the present melts us. During that time, we can tread firmly on the ground, and this is called courage.

Sardine - Spring

A springtime Sardine covered in flowers and butterflies, giving rise to an amusing illustration.

Sardine - Mangá

Inspired by manga, Ana Carolina uses the expressive traits of this genre of comics created in Japan to define her own style. Giving free rein to the author’s precocious talent, Manga Sardine comes to life in this year’s school.

Sardine - Greta

Greta Sardine wants to leave a better world to the new generations than the one her grandmother left her. But for that she has to fight all kinds of hungry bad wolves.

Sardine - New Coast

Inspiration, sea air, creativity and joy are the reflection of the houses in Costa Nova. This unique place in the world, full of authenticity and poetry, invites us to life, in the form of a Sardine, to experience a New Coast.