The Pitchers collection is part of the Bordallo Pinheiro’s heritage. With humour and with a certain dose of irreverence, the natural world is once again transported to the table in the shape of animals, fruit, flowers and plants.

Pitchers - Pitcher Duck

A zoomorphic shaped pitcher by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, with a naturalist painting.

Orange - Pitcher


Strawberries - Pitcher


Melon - Pitcher


Wheat Ears - Pitcher Wheat Ears


Fantasy - Pitcher 1,5L Sandy Grey


Fantasy - Pitcher 1,5L Acqua Green


Fantasy - Pitcher 1,5L Bright Green


Fish - Pitcher 1L


Fish - Pitcher 2L


Pitchers - Vase with Lizzard

A piece by Manuel Gustavo Bordallo Pinheiro, who continued his father’s, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, work, using a lizard as a naturalist element in a more stylized decoration.

Pitchers - Pitcher Dog