Pantone of the year

Rua Nova - Fruit Plate 22 Anthracite


Rua Nova - Charger Plate 34 Anthracite


Rua Nova - Dinner Plate 28 Anthracite


Rua Nova - Cheese Tray Anthracite


Rua Nova - Salad Bowl 29 Anthracite


Rua Nova - Tray 45,5 Anthracite


Rua Nova - Bowl 16 Anthracite


Rua Nova - Mug Anthracite


Rua Nova - Coffee Cup and Saucer Anthracite


Rua Nova - Tea Cup and Saucer Anthracite


Sardine - Sardine Natural

The sardine, with its silvery blue and black hues, darker on the back and lighter on the sides and belly, is found in the northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, where it dwells on coastal areas, between 25 and 100 meters deep. It undertakes migrations in large shoals that protect fish from predators during the day, in deeper waters, and move at night-time to shallower waters to feed on algae and small crustaceans. It reproduces from October to April, a time when sardines are leaner and not so tasty. The sardine is the most popular fish in summer festivals and fairs in Portugal, as well as the main species used in the Portuguese canning industry.

Sardine - Francisquinha

Nice Chiquita from Martinica/ dresses herself with a banana skin/ doesn’t wear a dress, doesn’t wear shorts/ winter is midsummer for her/ existentialist quite rightly/ Moves only as her heart commands. Designer: Cássio Loredano

Tropical - Tea Cup and Saucer Bird of Paradise


Pepper - Box 28 Yellow


Tropical - Bowl 15,5


Tropical - Sugar Box


Rua Nova - Cake Stand 34 Anthracite


Tropical - Pitcher 2L


Tropical - Dinner Plate 28,5


Toothpicks - Toothpick Dispenser Snail

A model by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro. The toothpick holder with a double use decorative/utilitarian was an object very common during the 19th century. Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro designs a collection of animal toothpick holders with the naturalist characteristics of Bordallo’s ceramic.

Pine Cone - Box 20 Grey


Pine Cone - Box 24 Grey


Pine Cone - Box 36 Grey


Rua Nova - Milk Jug Anthracite


Rua Nova - Cake Stand 22 Anthracite


Rua Nova - Tart Tray Anthracite


Rua Nova - Cake Stand 28 Anthracite