Kap (Jaume Capdevila)

Born in Berga (Barcelona), comedy cartoonist and caricaturist Kap uses the pseudonym Jaume Capdevila when he is out and about. He publishes in the Catalan and international press (e.g. La Vanguardia, Mundo Deportivo, Courrier International), writes books, is learning to play banjo and eats fried eggs.

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Length: 185 mm

Sardine - … And, OLÉ!

The sardine from Seville tastes like hazelnuts; the sardine from Andalusia tastes like hake; Galician sardine is not to eat, even in Norway; the Catalan sardine wants to dance the sardana; the sardine from Extremadura tastes like wood; the sardine from Madrid is worse than Extremadura… Therefore, Spanish sardines, when they arrived in Lisbon, wish to change nationality. And, “Olé”! Designer: Kap (Jaume Capdevila)