Fish and Shellfish

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Fish and Shellfish - Crab

Crabs are crustaceans that can also survive out of water. Their flat bodies are covered by a hard shell that provides protection. They have long, thin legs that allow them to walk under water, swim and dig. The claws, used to attack and to catch prey, are their first pair of legs. The antennae have several functions, including as sensory organs, allowing them to find food. The protruding eyes can retreat inside the shell for added security. The crab is a nocturnal animal, which usually spends the day hidden between rocks and coral.

Fish and Shellfish - Lobster

The lobster, with its characteristic antennae and claws, is a crustacean with a body that can reach up to 50 centimetres in length, covered by a thick prickly shell. It likes rocky areas and places with marine vegetation, as long as there are plenty of molluscs to feed on. During the day, lobsters hide in crevices or among algae. At night-time, they go out in search for food, returning to their shelter in the morning. When threatened, the lobster moves quickly by hunching its back, with the tail wide open, and keeping the legs and antennae facing forward. It dwells between 70 and 200 meters deep, normally moving closer to coastal areas during breeding season.