Countryside Leaves

A collection faithful to Naturalism both in the theme and in the execution. Set of leaves, in its majority gathered on the countryside and from which the molds were obtained. Each imperfection, sinuosity, texture and organicity found is if not more what nature provide us.

Were after added at each one of the leaves a bug, attributing a graceful, affable and distinctive character.

Mulberry Leaf with Grasshoper 17,5cm


Oak Tree Leaf with Bee 14cm


Chestnut Leaf with Dragonfly 16cm


Ragwort Leaf with Ladybug 14cm


Fig Leaf with caterpillar 18,5 cm


Medlar Leaf with Snail 25cm


Geranium Leaf with Frog 13cm


Begonia Leaf with Butterfly 20cm