Bordallo Pinheiro on Praça da Alegria (RTP) and Você na TV (TVI)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RTP 1 invited Bordallo Pinheiro to the live broadcast of the program "Praça da Alegria". Elsa Rebelo, Artistic Director of the Fábrica de Faianças of the Grupo Visabeira, talked with Jorge Gabriel and Sónia Araújo about the company and its numerous collections, and in particular of the ones most suited for the Christmas season. See the interview here. 

On the other hand, Manuel Luís Goucha and Cristina Ferreira took the program "Você na TV" to Bordallo Pinheiro where they showed the popular Cabbage Platter, an ideal piece to serve salted cod at Christmas. Bordallo Pinheiro offered a copy to all spectators in the audience of this TVI program. See the interview here.