Ana Gomes

She was born in Funchal in 1988 and holds a Master's Degree in Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.
From a very early age, she let his taste for drawing defines her professional path.
In 2010 she started professionally in the areas of illustration, modeling and 3D animation.
She currently works in the area of mobile games as a graphic artist.

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Collection: Sardine
Length: 185 mm

Sardine - Super Zé

Zé Povinho is now a superhero. After having courageously faced the austerity policies, the interference of Troika and the corruption scandals, behold our Zé is still standing. Standing tall, he shows courage and perseverance and is ready to face all tempests with a sole purpose: to succeed. Super Zé, who is alive inside each one of us, resists, persists and never gives up. Designer: Ana Gomes

Sardine - Vader

“Vader” sardine would like to be a master of the force over the mind. Fan of one of the most charismatic characters of science fiction, whenever it can, it wears its disguise to fight against barbecues, sardine parties and other parties where it always ends up in corn bread... or on a plate! A sardine which wields the dark side of the force! Designer: Ana Gomes