Apoios Comunitários

Project code: POCI-01-0249-FEDER-023205

Support under the incentive system



Total Investment: EUR 7,316,169

EU Funding: EUR 3,215,253

National public financial support: EUR 0

Project Location: Bordallo Pinheiro Plant, Caldas da Rainha


Project summary:


The project “InovBordallo” centers on a set of new investments that will optimize production processes by introducing significant improvements in existing production methods, major process automation and increased efficiency, promoting increased production capacity and expansion to new international markets.


The promoter will use new technologies, new knowledge and qualified employees which allow, by introducing innovative and ecological processes, greater flexibility and differentiation (simultaneous production of large pieces, small series and customized production), increasing production capacity by creation conditions for developing new products and expanding the value chain. This increase in flexibility and efficiency, provided either by change of layout, or by introducing new equipment, will be translated into an increase in the number of pieces produced and also in their diversity (reinforcement in the productive mix).


With the implementation of the project, the company will be equipped with a high-efficiency manufacturing unit and a greater degree of automation, with significantly higher productive capacity and with flexibility that will allow it to reach new market segments, ensuring quality standards and unique differentiation of Bordallo Pinheiro, without losing its DNA.